Teen Marijuana Use at a 30 Year High. Like Tobacco, this is what the Pot Industry Wants

Teen marijuana use is at a 30 year highThe trends are very concerning. We are at a 30 year high for youth marijuana use. This is what the industry wants and is counting on. And the drug is much different this time around.

Prevention education will be more critical than ever for this drug. Sound drug policy, law and messaging should be driving use rates down, not up.

That will be the measure of success.

Here is an interesting infographic about youth marijuana use.

Everyone’s Doing It: What Today’s Teens Think About Marijuana-

With the recent legalization for marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington, teens are beginning to change the way they feel about smoking weed.

Studies conducted in the last two years are starting to show that teens consider marijuana a rite of passage in high school and its the safe alternative to harder drugs like heroine and meth.

As we work with teens struggling with drug addiction we can confidently say that marijuana use is dangerous and parents need to know how teens are using it in 2014.

Everyone’s Doing It: What Today’s Teens Think About Marijuana-Infographic