Our Country Will Never Prosper by Disguising Marijuana Proceeds as Taxes and Fees

Protect youth from marijuana legalizationThe Honorable Mayor of Denver, Michael B. Hancock, expressed his concerns about the impact that drug legalization will have on public health and safety. He concluded with the following words:

“As a parent, I worry about how the increased presence of marijuana in our city will affect our children and our grandchildren. Despite a few lessons learned from medical marijuana, the long-term implications of that industry and the potential for an expanded industry will not be known to us for perhaps a generation or more. There is no denying, however, the potential for a negative impact on our kids — on their home lives, their health, their education and their future. We already know the toll substance abuse takes on so many of our residents. Sadly, many of them are parents. The cost of substance abuse on our healthcare system, our jails and in our courts is substantial. I want more for all of our kids and for all Denverites.”

The full text of his letter can be found here. We can only hope that states considering this ill-conceived social experiment with the future of our children will avail themselves of the wealth of information that exists in states that have experienced social, economic, and legal chaos because of the promises of the counter culture and those who profit enormously from the sale of marijuana. Our country will never prosper by disguising drug proceeds as taxes and fees. The pro-pot industry, through sophistry and the investment of millions of dollars, has promoted the lie that surrender is the “enlightened” position for our country. Much like the tobacco companies did before, they use so-called experts and slick advertising to promote their harmful products – all to the detriment of our culture and especially our children. Some people seem incapable of learning from history. To the extent that these people prevail, we will suffer the consequences of their foolishness. But such is not our determined destiny. People are starting to wake up to the fact that we are being hoodwinked again. Drug education works when we do enough of it. We need to call upon the federal government to end this chaos by simply standing up for the rule of law until science and drug education catches up. Our children are worth it.