A Wasted Legacy — Obama, Holder & Marijuana

A wasted legacy--Obama, Holder and Marijuana
When legalization of marijuana yields national use rates of 40+% using the same deceptions that tobacco did, who foots the bill for rehabilitation, productivity loss and health effects?

By looking the other way as drugs are legalized by industry-funded state ballot questions in violation of federal and international law, President Obama and Attorney General Holder are legitimzing and normalizing the use of a mind-altering drug based on recollections of experiences from their youth. But make no mistake: they are setting an exmple for generations to come — demonstrating that in their view, drug abuse is not a serious social problem. When the smoke clears from the increasingly potent and addictive products from ever more agressively advertised new open drug markets, it is unfortunate but inevitable: Obama and Holder will have a “wasted” legacy on drug policy.

It’s a real shame.  Big Tobacco got its wish: Big Marijuana is next.

Michelle Obama addressed one public health epidemic (childhood obesity) while Barack ushered in the next: rising youth marijuana use of a potently disruptive chemical which primes the adolescent brain for progressive addiction.

I am a job creator, manufacturer, award-and patent-winning innovator, payroll meeter, benefit provider, 401k matcher, complier with government regulation and tax payer whose business employs 112 people—two dozen of whom were added in the last five years.

But before all that, I am a husband, father and coach.  I am also a local elected official, and give back in time and dollars through numerous charities.

I am an Independent in registration, but my sensibilities and votes tend toward democratic party policy. Until now.

On marijuana, we have become so open minded our brains have fallen out.

Obama and Holder have ignored their own scientists.  They have ignored common sense. They have abdicated their responsibility as parents.

By failing to enforce Federal Law as it relates to marijuana they are precipitating the worst health crises since big tobacco—nice legacy.  What a waste of hope and what could have been.

While passing fundamentally civilized universal health care with ARRA, the mental health parity provision when linked to the brain disorders that will result from MJ use in youth will result in a crippling social cost.  The ratio of cost to tax revenue of alcohol and tobacco abuse on society is already upside down ten to one. Why are we adding another addiction based industry?

Guys as smart and creative as this could find a way to reform MJ sentencing laws without resorting to legalization.  They could simultaneously open the path to legitimate, FDA-vetted cannabis-based medicines.

On marijuana, we have become so open minded our brains have fallen out.

Like tens of thousands of parents, I nearly lost one of our teenagers to the cannabis cult that has been allowed to perpetuate using the very same playbook that brought big tobacco to its peak–decriminalize, medicinalize, then legalize.    We were lucky. Many others have lost their children to addiction and death that inevitably started with alcohol and marijuana use.

I fear for our youth. I fear for the future of our work force.  I fear for the future of our reputation in the world. I fear for our country.