The Will of The People? Ask the average voter…

Broken promises from the aggressive marijuana lobby and an increasingly enriched pot industry are the wolf in “compassionate” sheep’s clothing of “medical” marijuana laws and initiative petitions.

Has a new American drug cartel arrived?

America’s Pot Barons are currently running circles around the will of average Americans.

Ask the average voter:

— did you want Marijuana stores in your neighborhood?

— did you want teen marijuana use rates climbing to their highest levels in 20 years? Doubling since 1992?

— did you want people using medical marijuana for routine stress? Insomnia?

— did you want a 2 month supply of pot distributed to cardholders on a regular basis? (That’s 1.5 lbs in Oregon–or 700-1000 joints. 10-ounces in Massachusetts–300 -500 joints, $5,600 street value, cash & carry).

— did you want your neighbors growing pot for themselves and others in the basement next door?

What WAS the will of the people?

The People I talk to who voted for compassion for the sick and dying did NOT vote for this!