Student jumps to death after eating marijuana cookies

Is it really going to take a body count to stop Big Marijuana?

The tragic news yesterday of the death of a college student visiting Denver on a pot-themed Spring Break trip should sober us all.

If the evidence isn’t already sufficient to simply vote it down, States considering recreational marijuana legalization would do well to wait and see. 

Contrary to the lies that the pro-pot lobby have infused in the online cannibis culture, today’s marijuana is 300-800% more potent than that of yesteryear, is addictive, and is having mental health impacts never before experienced.

More on the death of Levi Thamba Pongi:

NBC News: “A 19-year-old Wyoming college student on spring break in Colorado fell to his death after eating a pot-laced cookie, the Denver coroner said Wednesday, in what is believed to be the state’s first death linked to marijuana since legalization began in January.”

NY Daily News: “he became very “agitated and upset” and ran off a fourth floor hotel balcony”