Spike in Child Use [Colorado]

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Speaking of pushing, look at what is happening in Colorado: …“Spike in
children using marijuana”

74% of children in a Denver youth substance abuse treatment program report getting their pot from a “medical” marijuana cardholder an average of 50 times. (Journal of Child Psychiatry, June 2012, Thurstone)

If this is supposed to be medicine, why is the ONLY requirement for dispensary personnel that they be 21 years of age and have no felony drug convictions?

This law required NO qualified medical staff on site whatsoever.

IF there is medicinal value in this plant, prove it through clinical trials, and
get the legitimate FDA approved medicines behind the counter at a legitimate

We closed the opium dens over 100 years ago — because of public health crises from broad scale use. From the opium poppy was derived heroin, and finally morphine. Why start pushing raw crude marijuana out into broad public use now?

It defies logic.

Isn’t this a history lesson it would be better not to have to repeat?

97% of medical marijuana users in states with no specifically qualified medical conditions (like the Mass. Law) claim non-profound ailments like stress, ADD, pain, insomnia, and other self-reported symptoms. And new research and evidence of physical and mental health risks is mounting — most dramatic and concerning in the adolescent through age 25.

Houston, I think we have a problem. It’s called deceptive “medical” marijuana campaigns and laws. These laws are a sham. And its a shame. “The People” are being duped.