Marijuana: A Business We Can Do Without

Drug legalization and its corresponding expanded recreational use is a very bad public health and safety policy idea which has been very heavily financed by drug legalization advocates and the cannabis industry.

Pro pot propaganda is becoming tiresome and dated.

If there is medicinal value in the plant, it should be able to withstand the rigors of peer reviewed scientific research and gain FDA approval.

That’s how we got morphine from the opium poppy. Indeed, 2 FDA approved marijuana-based medicines are already available by a legal doctor’s prescription — though raw marijuana is still illegal to prescribe, hence the legal finesse of a willing doctor’s “recommendation.”

Drug legalization does not stop cartels from doing illegal and nasty business — less than 4% of which has anything to do with cannabis. Fewer than 7% of Americans have any experience with marijuana.

Legalizers are listening to the voices in their own echo chamber.

This is a business we can do without.