Bipartisan Leadership Seeks Your Help in Making A Powerful Statement Against Marijuana Industry

Keep Massachusetts Clean, Healthy and Drug Free
Keep Massachusetts Clean, Healthy and Drug Free

Last Friday was an amazing day.
Governor Baker, Mayor Walsh, Speaker DeLeo, Lieutenant Governor Polito, Sheriff Tompkins, and so many health care, education, business, and anti-addiction leaders joined together to kick off the campaign to oppose the legalization of the commercial marijuana industry in Massachusetts.
Not many issues bring such a broad, bi-partisan coalition together. But this issue does.

They’re coming together to make a statement – that allowing the the billion dollar commercial Marijuana Industry into Massachusetts is the wrong path for our kids and our communities.

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Massachusetts has already decriminalized marijuana use and made it available for medical purposes.

The question before voters now is if we want to allow the billion-dollar Marijuana Industry into Massachusetts to aggressively market and sell this drug.

To allow the sale of highly-potent marijuana edibles like gummy bears, cookies, and soda.

To increase access to kids (there are more pot shops in Colorado than Starbucks and McDonalds combined!)

To allow people to grow thousands of dollars worth of pot at their homes, even if neighbors object.

And to see an inevitable increase in impaired traffic deaths.

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We are facing an unprecedented addiction crisis. As Governor Baker said, now is not the time to add another challenge to our young people and our addiction community.

Friday was an important day. But it was just a first step.

We believe information is our ally, and as more people are learning about what allowing the Marijuana Industry into Massachusetts really means, the more concerns they have.

We need your help to continue to spread the word. Educate yourselves, and then talk to your friends and your neighbors.

If you do that, together a powerful statement will be made in November.