What were we doing right? Youth Use Rates Lowest in 1992

Youth marijuana rates were lowest in the early 1990's
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The early 1990’s showed the lowest youth use rates in decades.

We can reasonably conclude that supply reduction and education was working.

Experts tell us youth use rates increase as the result of two things: 1) perception of harm; and 2) availability.

The 3-step strategy of the Marijuana Policy Project and other Big Pot activists is geared at both.

You see you can’t have an addiction-based industry without youth.  Big Tobacco knew this.  Bit Pot does too.  Here’s the big tobacco playbook:

Lorillard: “The base of our business is the high school student.”

Phillip Morris: “Today’s teenager is tomorrow’s potential regular customer… Because of our high share of the market among the youngest smokers, Philip Morris will suffer more than the other companies from the decline in the number of teenage smokers.”