Three friends hurt, one still on life support in marijuana impaired car crash

Those that have succumbed to the decades long indoctrination of the Cannabis Cult love to spout the notion that drugged driving on marijuana has not led many car accidents at all, let alone life-threatening ones. They go so far as to say that marijuana mellows you out and, if anything, makes you drive slower and therefore more carefully. Here’s a very typical comment that might show up on any story on drugged driving:

“pot heads have been driving our roads since it became widely used in the 60’s. this is nothing new. you don’t hear of many wrecks from pot.”

Well tell that to the friend of a stoned driver in Halifax, MA who is still on life support…here’s the story from CBS:


April 5, 2013

HALIFAX (CBS) – A Halifax teenager, already in trouble with police for a crash one year ago, may be part of a larger drug investigation.

Monica Knight was driving a BMW last year, driving three of her friends to Silver Lake High School, when she crashed into a bus. Her friends were seriously injured, and one, Eva Lipton, is still on life support.

Court documents reveal that Knight was smoking marijuana just prior to the accident.

She has been held in jail for the past week, after she tested positive for marijuana, a violation of her probation order. She was released Friday, after being fitted with a GPS bracelet.

WBZ has learned that Knight may be part of a larger investigation, into marijuana distribution in the Halifax area.  Watch the coverage here.


Other lies in the Cult of Cannabis include the absurd notion of marijuana as medicine, the notion that marijuana is not addictive, and the notion that you can’t overdose on marijuana.