A Lefty’s Marijuana Warning To Congress

“Legalization is not far off. Congress is eating out of our hand like pigs at a trough.”
–Marijuana Lobbyist

My parent group just received a copy of a letter in which you state your support for financing marijuana stores.

We know that support for the initiative petition that saddled our state with this new law was based on a plea for compassion for the truly ill.

We now know that 97% of the so called “patients” in California have no serious illness and use pot only to get high.

California communities are trying to shut pot stores because they are a menace to communities. We also know that the newly enriched marijuana lobby is behind all the propaganda suggesting that this is anything other than a march toward full legalization.

Meanwhile, our kids are getting high every day — rates of youth use and addiction rising each year since decriminalization. Marijuana use rates among our children have nearly doubled since 1992. Continue reading A Lefty’s Marijuana Warning To Congress