A Lefty’s Marijuana Warning To Congress

“Legalization is not far off. Congress is eating out of our hand like pigs at a trough.”
–Marijuana Lobbyist

My parent group just received a copy of a letter in which you state your support for financing marijuana stores.

We know that support for the initiative petition that saddled our state with this new law was based on a plea for compassion for the truly ill.

We now know that 97% of the so called “patients” in California have no serious illness and use pot only to get high.

California communities are trying to shut pot stores because they are a menace to communities. We also know that the newly enriched marijuana lobby is behind all the propaganda suggesting that this is anything other than a march toward full legalization.

Meanwhile, our kids are getting high every day — rates of youth use and addiction rising each year since decriminalization. Marijuana use rates among our children have nearly doubled since 1992.

We also know that new neuroscience shows regular exposure of rising levels of THC in the teen brain diminishes cognitive capacity and learning and increases addiction. Similar health impacts affect adult users.

We know the playbook of the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, DC. We know who is funding them, and who they are funding. And we know full legalization is the goal. Their strategy: pick off the states one by one to open the marijuana market to the new pot barons.

The scheme, accompanied by compassionate committees, paid signature gatherers, and propaganda support:

1) Decrim — using a plea for social justice — when in reality fewer than 1% of the prison population is there for simple marijuana possession. Result: increased illicit use as of the drug as consequences are removed.

2) “Medical” marijuana — using a plea for compassion — when in reality nearly all major medical associations are dubious about any medical efficacy of this drug, and 95% of “patients” use this drug simply to get high.

Result: This further ingratiates this drug onto the unwitting good graces of communities, while profiteers organize to set up shop. And operate with NO medical oversight selling a drug in large quantities. Diversion to non-card holding black and grey market customers is inevitable. More kids get high. More customers are enrolled.

3) Full legalization of a psychoactive hallucinogenic drug for recreational use.–using a plea for civil liberties. Legalized drug dealing. And pot barons like the Pied Piper of Pot “Dixie Elixers” move in, sell drugs on a broad scale, and recruit a new generation of life long loyal customers to an addictive drug.

A member of our national network of attended a marijuana industry trade group meeting in Denver last fall. He quoted a trade group leader saying “Legalization is not far off. Congress is eating out of our hand like pigs at a trough.”

If you are receiving donations from illicit drug legalization forces, I would caution you to be careful. Compassionate care committees have been set up in every state where ballot questions are being purchased by the marijuana lobby and it’s billionaire founders.

We are watching you, and every Congressperson who supports legislation that will further enrich the marijuana industry.

If market forces are allowed to embolden and enrich the purveyors of pot further, we will pin the inevitable rise in addiction and lost potential of the next generation on you and other pot supporters in Congress.

The FDA assures safe medicine in this country. Don’t insult our intelligence by calling a street drug medicine.

Please reconsider your support of the marijuana industry. The slow acting neurotoxin they peddle could permanently impair your political legacy.

I’m a former Democrat. This party’s enabling of a domestic drug cartel has shaken my faith in the party, and in blind liberalism as well.

Get educated on pot. Contact the national medical societies representing the illnesses for which smoking pot is allegedly beneficial for some guidance.