Me, Me, Me. Greed, Deception Fuels Marijuana Legalization

Weed Greed--Marijuana and Legalization
Meanwhile, the marijuana moguls can be laughing all the way to the bank. And taxpayers can pay for the cleanup costs.

“I, I, I, I.” “Me, me, me, me.” “Money, money, money, money.” “I can buy whatever I want. Even ballot questions which defy the rule of the law of the land. Anytime I want to. In fact, I’m only getting better at it.”

That’s what comes to mind when John Morgan opens his mouth about marijuana ballot questions.

But in many ways, this guy is the only one speaking the truth when it comes to marijuana politics.

Now the marijuana advocates in Florida are saying they should have done what worked in other states: trot out sick people and exploit them for public sympathy; find the rogue former law enforcement official who will publicly say marijuana legalization is a really great ideal; write vague and complicated ballot questions that the people won’t actually understand;
work the young and impressionable college crowd hard — with late adolescent brains still under development they are easy targets for marijuana friendly votes.

Pour on millions of dollars of ideological advertising twisting the realities of this drug and ignoring the implications of its broad commercialization. Then get to work opening the markets to another addiction-for-profit business juggernaut that takes a half-century of public health and safety damage before the industry can be brought to its knees — just like Big Tobacco. Meanwhile, the marijuana moguls can be laughing all the way to the bank. And taxpayers can pay for the cleanup costs.

Many of “the people” are getting smarter. Decriminalization, medicalization? They were precursors intended to soften the public up for the assault of full scale legalization campaigns–see parable of the boiling frog.

But the red flags are now flying, signaling damage done in “experimental” states. (Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Report August 2014)

Democrats should be sensitive to the recent mid-term losses. Support for marijuana legalization is trending down across the ideological spectrum in 2014 according to GALLUP. If Republicans are perceived as the only ones willing to protect us, and our kids, from this predatory and aggressive recreational drug industry-hopeful, then many more of us will be marching across the aisle to the right in search of a more sane approach to controlling the escalating hazards associated with the broader supply and unrestricted marketing of this drug.

The truth comes out:

The following story shows John Morgan’s (yes, the same drunken, ranting, millionaire) true intentions in pushing a medi-pot bill in Florida and dumping $4 million into the campaign.

When are people going to wake up the fact that all of these so-called “medical” marijuana campaigns are simply a ruse to achieve their real objective, which is full recreational use? One might have at least a little respect for them if they weren’t liars about this.

We must increase efforts to show the real motives behind medi-pot initiatives pushed by the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, NORML and other pro-pot groups, along with the obscene amount of money they are investing. We must use their own words against them.

Medical marijuana: On the ballot in 2016?

John Morgan: “I may even have two amendments. I may have the medical marijuana amendment and a full legalization amendment, see what they do with that,” Morgan said. “If I’m collecting signatures, I just have people sign one for each. I can collect them both at the same price.”