Mass Medical Society Believes the Health of The People Is at Stake with Question 4. Urges All Colleagues to “Vote No on 4”

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mass-doctors-urge-no-on-ballot-question-4-public-health-at-stakeWhile the Yes On 4 campaign uses deceitful and confusing TV ads featuring “doctors” to push full-blown, commercialized, retail recreational bud, concentrate, edible THC-infused food and other high-potency marijuana-derived products, our real doctors are urging their colleagues, and all voters, to Vote No on Question 4 in Massachusetts. They join the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts and eight other Massachusetts-based physicians groups on a massive list list of those opposed.  In a new booklet distribute to their entire membership, and available here, MMS cites high-potency THC products, low tax rate, lack of public health oversight, lack of revenue earmarked for education, prevention and treatment, limits on local control, and highly problematic personal cultivation, the doctors organization among their reasons for opposition and sum up their position as follows:

“The MMS believes the health of the people of Massachusetts, particularly its children, adolescents, and young adults, is at stake with this ballot question,” says President James Gessner, MD in his cover letter.

And, they have good reason to be alarmed.

In one Colorado community under the influence of marijuana and THC legalization and commercialization, a growing list of 237 physicians in Pueblo Colorado is joining the local fight at the ballot box to “opt out” of recreational marijuana commerce on November 8, 2016.  (Ballot Question 4 in Massachusetts would “opt in” every City and Town and leave them with only a similarly onerous and costly election-based way to opt out in the future.) Their goal — to repeal recreational marijuana in their county due to the devastating impact it is having on their population and their practices.

Physicians Code Red

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Physician’s Press Conference Trailer
Dr. Steven Simerville
Pueblo Physicians Code Red: Dr. Karen Randall Presenting
Pueblo Physicians Code Red – Dr. Chris Nevin-Woods

Please support the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts, and PLEASE Vote No On Ballot Question 4.