Florida Fights Back Corporate Marijuana

Florida organizes against big marijuana
A concerted and well organized push back in Florida is educating voters to the deceptions of organized, corporate marijuana industry lobbyists.

The formula is being repeated. Marijuana profiteers are picking off states one by one.

The same laws, written by the same pro-pot lobbyists, with the same negative consequences for youth and other vulnerable populations as unsuspecting voters are manipulated into voting against their own best interests for public health and public safety.

Florida is organizing. And doing it well. We’ve seen the playbook so many times. Thankfully Florida got an advance copy and can mount a truth campaign based on experiences in other states.

This is the kind of website and campaign that is critical for every state facing legalization issues. Congrats to Drug Free America, the Florida Sheriff’s Association and all other partners who have pulled together to mount a real and significant anti-pot campaign to educate the voters.

Over $5 million has been poured into the pro-pot side in Florida – most of it financed by a wealthy pro-pot attorney.

Concerned moms, dads, business owners, landlords, teachers, clergy, doctors, prevention professionals, and law enforcement are fighting back with facts and powerful tools that will help voters make the right decision. Way to go Florida! Keep it up.