Families BOYCOTT COLORADO Ski Tourism–Your State on Marijuana

Pot smoke over Boulder. Pot-CO's new image.
Colorado: This is your state’s new tourism image. Yes, that’s pot smoke over Boulder. Cool huh? Why would anyone choose to ski here?
Don't ski in marijuana states.
Families taking their ski business to non-marijuana states.

Update: Since we first published this piece in May of 2014, the following article, “Pot Perception Worries Some Colorado Resort Towns” appeared recently.

When you’ve taken the policy decision to trade wholesome outdoor recreation for clouds of pot smoke as your state’s tourism image, you are bound to have some blowback.

This  letter came to us from a family whose ties to Colorado are deep but who have decided to take their ski-vacations elsewhere.

They asked to remain anonymous as the nastiness of the pot lobby and its army of online Trolls is abusive.  They asked to be spared exposure to this bullying.

“Dear Colorado Ski USA,

I read about your opposition to the ski resort symbols on marijuana edibles.

Thank you for remaining steadfast in your policies and practices that disassociate the ski industry from marijuana and drug use.

America is watching Colorado (and Washington) lead its people into drug normalization that is yielding a new plague of substance abuse.

I’m an avid skier – worked at Copper and Brekenridge ski resorts 20 years ago, just out of college.  Raced for the University of Oregon at one time, taught skiing and snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor for a few years.  Drug use was never a part of my ski experience.  I now live on the East Coast and have 3 children of my own.

As a family of skiers, Colorado is no longer on our ski vacation list because of the culture and climate that is a direct outcome of your growing cannabis industry.

The virtues that come with skiing: clean, outdoor fun; clean air, being in the trees and woods in the snow, being together with family and friends and challenging yourself athletically in balance, speed and skill – marijuana has no place there.  I hope you’ll all keep it that way.

I won’t be skiing on your slopes anytime soon, sadly.  I don’t want my kids or my family to have to see or come in contact with the stoners and the culture that your state is breeding.  I’m sad about that.  And I’m sad for all of Colorado’s people who are victims of a billion dollar industry that capitalizes on human addiction….

Good luck with keeping families coming to your mountains while the pot industry gets a further stronghold on Colorado’s communities.”