Every state with advocacy-driven marijuana laws has higher rates of youth use.


The village is profoundly safer with fewer drugs.

Every state with advocacy-driven marijuana laws has higher rates of youth use.

Latest Results for Colorado: Youth and Adult Marijuana Use

The drug’s long-term effects are still being revealed, but according to the American Psychological Association, heavy use early in life has been linked to diminished cognitive abilities later on in life, as well as potentially more serious mental health problems.

The correlation, if not causation, is clear when it comes to academic performance. According to the 2009 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey, one in ten “A” students had smoked it in the past month, versus 19 percent of “B”s, 30 percent of “C”s, and 48 percent of “D”s. Overall, 38 percent of college students report trying it while they were in high school.

Finally — how about a glimpse at the Founding Father’s of Pot Legalization — NORML, the early days:

The founding fathers of marijuana legalization. Check out this video:

They knew medical marijuana was a joke, and they strategically planned to use the joke to deceive the American people and achieve legalized commercialized pot. Their strongest talking point on why? “Because I like to get high!!!,” does not resonate well in the midst of a drug abuse and addiction epidemic that is killing more Americans than either car crashes or gun violence.

But these guys have been winning. NORML passed the mantle to the Marijuana Policy Project and the Drug Policy Alliance. They are the political talent. The tail wagging the dog if ever it was.