Most Americans Don’t Buy Into the Marijuana Legalization Scheme

It’s SO important that we not allow America to believe that most of their fellow citizens buy into the marijuana legalization scheme.

Several fact checks:

Three states were targeted and campaigns funded last fall by the marijuana lobby for medical marijuana ballot initiatives: Massachusetts, Arkansas, and North Dakota.

Last fall North Dakota discovered ballot fraud after auditing submitted signatures. About one-third of the signatures submitted to the Secretary of State were bogus. The question was pulled from the ballot. In that state of fewer than 700,000 citizens, the marijuana policy project in Washington DC, the virtually sole funder of the ballot question, contributed $100,000 to set up a committee for compassionate care and purchase signatures. An audit of submitted signatures discovered that college aged contract campaign staff manufactured a significant number of the signatures.

In Massachusetts, $1,022,000, $1m from Peter Lewis, funded Q3. $6,000 was raised by the opposition.

Doctors, teachers, social workers, law enforcement officials, substance abuse prevention workers, drug policy experts and other publicly funded professionals, while witnessing the down stream effects of the steadily increasing pot supply, were not free to ask for dollars or for “no” votes.

But nearly every major Massachusetts newspaper editorial board, after spending focused time and looking at the facts, the research, the data, and the campaign tactics, recommended a NO vote on Q3. (Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Worcester Telegram, Berkshire Eagle, Cape Cod Times, Salem News, Gloucester Times, to name a few.

Sensible people are working to minimize the negative public health and safety impacts of the increasingly enriched and aggressive marijuana lobby.  Marijuana legalization is far from inevitable.