Medical marijuana: Landlords weigh in with MA DPH: “regulations are impossibly difficult”

In November of 2012, the Small Property Owners Association foresaw the problems with the proposed Massachusetts “medical” marijuana laws.  Now with draft regulations offered up for comment by the Massachusetts DPH, the SPOA is weighing in.  “The DPH has met 20 different groups privately.  Why not landlords?,” they ask in a letter to MA DPH.

“Under federal law, property owners are liable for fines, imprisonment, and “civil asset forfeiture” of their property to the federal government if they are knowingly involved in the use or growing of marijuana or their property is so involved. In other words, we are being asked – or told – to risk our property and serious penalties due to marijuana use or growing operations in our apartments.”

Read theiir letter here:  MPOA_Ltr_to_legislators_on_MMJ_4-16-2013.