The Marijuana Policy Initiative

Don't Commercialize Marijuana.

A volunteer non-partisan coalition of people from across the US and Canada who have come to understand the negative local-to-global public health and safety implications of an organized, legal, freely-traded, commercialized and industrialized marijuana market.

3 Steps to Marijuana Legalization — The Pro Pot Playbook

Decriminalization, Medicinalization, Legalization — three steps to full legalization and big marijuana.

1) Decrim — using a plea for social justice — when in reality fewer than 1% of the prison population is there for simple marijuana possession. Result: increased illicit use as of the drug as consequences are removed.

2) “Medical” marijuana — using a plea for compassion — when in reality nearly all major medical associations are dubious about any medical efficacy of this drug, and 95% of “patients” use this drug simply to get high.

Result: This further ingratiates this drug onto the unwitting good graces of communities, while profiteers organize to set up shop. And operate with NO medical oversight selling a drug in large quantities. Diversion to non-card holding black and grey market customers is inevitable. More kids get high. More customers are enrolled.

3) Full legalization of a psychoactive hallucinogenic drug for recreational use–using a plea for civil liberties. Legalized drug dealing. And pot barons like the Pied Piper of Pot “Dixie Elixers” move in, sell drugs on a broad scale, and recruit a new generation of life long loyal customers to an addictive drug.